Which elements constitute good elements of CV?

In case you are a job seeker, this article is for you. When you see a job offer, just apply. Just like you, thousands of other jobseekers are applying for this job. Among the thousands of candidates, you must attract the attention of employers. For this, your resume or resume plays a vital role.

Which elements constitute good elements of CV?

Relevance: your CV must be relevant to the job application. This means, depending on the type of job and the job; The format and content of your resume must be different.

Simplicity is the key: presenting information with simple text. Submit the CV in A4 format. Use the normal font. Ignore all kinds of graphic designs on your resume. Also avoid papers and colored texts.

Gather all important information: complete the CV with the requested position, professional objective, professional experience (anyway), training, special achievements, current CTC, expected CTC, preference of the workplace , contacts (email, links to social networks, phone numbers), personal data (name, date of birth, blood type, family summary, hobbies, etc.). Every person with career goals, work preferences, work experience, etc. different, the format of the CV will be different.

Tips for New Jobseekers and Experienced People: If you do not have work experience (ie, if you are applying for your first job, show your academic excellence the most as bright as possible.) This will guarantee your ability to get a job. As a new candidate) If you have a lot of experience, you need to mention the length of your stay in each company, the projects you manage, the challenges you face and the way you have overcome each challenge. You should write them clearly and concisely so that the employer is never bored in reading. And if you are a new candidate or an experienced, please showcase your achievements in a smart way.