Tips on How to Decorate and Maintain Gravestones

Very often, the least attention is paid to decorating gravestones, and this is probably due to the grief that families experience when they lose their loved ones. However, installing a well-designed headstone can help you keep memories of your loved ones in the long run and heal the pain of losing them. Local cemeteries do offer some pure memorial stones that include the most predictable designs, such as flowers, wreaths and candles. Besides candles and flower arrangements, you can use your creativity to create a very personal garden of stone monuments that reflects the personality of the deceased. However, before you start thinking about a suitable design, you should first familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of your cemetery regarding the design and installation of gravestones.

Design Tips

One thing that will help you decide on a suitable tombstone design is to prepare a list describing all the desirable features of the deceased person, his / her hobbies, likes, interests, etc. This list can be a great guide when you are finalizing the design of the memorial tombstone. Here are some tips to help you get started with the right design. Your first consideration should be the age of the deceased. Make a list of possible images that you can include in the gravestone. For granite children’s memorial gravestones, some of the photos you can use are; baby’s favourite toy, character or angels. For adults, you can think of prayer hands, a musical instrument, logos that indicate his / her personality or his / her favourite proverb, verse.

Ideas for decorating graves and gravestones

Beautiful floral arrangements are the most popular methods for decorating a monument, but here are some ideas you can use to decorate graves and memorial stones. Instead of artificial flowers, consider using natural freshly cut flowers to decorate the grave. Planting a flowering plant in a pot or shrub on the site is also a good idea, but be sure to consult the cemetery manager. When personalizing available monuments in the cemetery, including candle holders and flower holders in the design of gravestones, this can be useful, especially if you plan to conduct a memorial service at the grave regularly. You can use many tombstone decor items such as seashells, garden decorations, mosaic stones, marble chips and craft stones. Another decoration idea you can use is; put some of the memorabilia as a special occasion reminder.